Need a Splendour playlist? Soak up 10 tracks from artists you can't miss

How’s that Splendour playlist coming? Start with these 10 iconic tracks from artists you’ll soon love

Since the release of the long-awaited Splendour In The Grass lineup, I bet you’ve all been conjuring up a Splendour playlist to fill the gap between now and July.

Unable to shake the madness ourselves, we’ve picked out 10 of the most exciting up and coming acts and their best tracks to add to the queue.

waax splendour in the grass 2018 splendour playlist

Wanna be the cool kid at Splendour In The Grass this year? Brush up on 10 festival anthems you’re gonna need to know back-to-front.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Mainland

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s Mainland is a deceptively good time; lolling vocals roll atop sunny riffs in a manner so carefree you can’t help but nod along. Frontman Tom Russo, however, wrote the song after visiting the Mediterranean and learning about the dire refugee crisis in the area.

Russo describes Mainland by saying “The song is about longing, disillusionment, privilege and holding on to love as a kind of shield”. His musings are not to be glazed over, and RCBF’s set is not to be missed.

Stella Donnelly – Boys Will Be Boys

Written in late 2016, Stella Donnelly’s stunning Boys Will Be Boys feels more pertinent than ever. Donnelly confronts issues of sexual assault and victim blaming head on with fingerpicking guitar and a gentle voice that contrasts confronting lyrics: “Your father told you that you’re innocent / Told ya, ‘Women rape themselves'”.

The track is one that has made waves across the country, and, alongside the rest of Donnelly’s lyrical musings, is absolutely worth checking out.

G Flip – About You

If you haven’t heard the name G Flip (also known as Georgia Flipo) being thrown around the past couple of weeks, I admire your disconnect from technology. The drummer turned solo artist has recently released her debut single, and while it currently is the only track to her name, About You is an absolute treat.

Flipo’s ability to write a vulnerable but danceable track is nothing short of admirable, and the perfect platform to showcase her self-taught production skills. If this has yet to convince you, hold out for the drum solo and let G Flip speak for herself.

WAAX – Same Same

Brisbane indie-punks WAAX’s 2016 release, Same Same, is perhaps the most visceral of their riff-heavy back catalog. The song focuses on frontwoman Marie DeVita’s struggle with self-destructive behaviours with ear-worn choruses, backed by building forces from bandmates on drums and guitar.

Same Same, and the rest of WAAX’s set, will be the perfect opportunity to mosh out any insecurities.

Alice Ivy – Get Me A Drink

The first single from Alice Ivy’s debut album, I’m Dreaming, proved to be one of the 23 year old’s finest. Working with E^ST and Charlie Threads, Ivy presents Get Me A Drink: the ultimate blend of mellow synth pads, heavy beats, shining keys, and luscious vocals.

But don’t let Ivy’s production heavy catalogue deter you from her live set, she’s easily one of the most energetic performers around.

Didirri – Blind You

While this year’s line-up is stacked full of stellar vocals, anyone looking for a truly touching set should look no further than Didirri. The artist has been gaining popularity over the past few months thanks to his stripped-backed tracks and stunning lyrics which explore themes of hurt and catharsis.

Blind You is no exception—the combination of raw lyrics, swelling vocals, and acoustic guitar should not be missed.

Bully – Trying

Nashville’s Bully, fronted by vocal powerhouse Alicia Bognanno, are back in the country for the first time since 2015 to play Splendour. The alt-rock four-piece offer a catharsis amongst their ’90s grunge howls, with 2015 single Trying being at the forefront of the movement.

The track details Bognanno’s struggle with her own insecurities, offering an aggressive but powerful take on her everyday struggles with a chaotic charm.

Soccer Mommy – Your Dog

Sophie Allison, who performs under the moniker Soccer Mommy, is making her Australian debut this July. Lead single, Your Dog, is the perfect example of why Allison’s set is worth checking out.

The song’s earnest and, at times, painful lyrics (the opening verse cooing “I don’t want to be your fucking dog / That you drag around / A collar on my neck tied to a pole / Leave me in the freezing cold”) are a welcome addition to the growing scene of take-no-shit females in the indie rock scene.

West Thebarton – Moving Out

Adelaide’s West Thebarton have had a busy few months touring ahead of the release of their debut album, Different Beings Being Different.

Their 2017 release Moving Out, which will feature on the record, is the ultimate put-your-foot-down sharehouse anthem (“I’ve had enough / I fell in love/ I’m moving out”). Doesn’t get more moshable than this.

Mallrat – Uninvited

Brisbane young gun Mallrat, who made her Splendour debut last year, is returning in 2018 to the delight of her ever growing fanbase.

At the top of the must-see setlist is the 18 year old’s anti-social anthem, Uninvited. The track, which details the struggle of being uncomfortable in a room full of fake people, has ironically become a houseparty favourite since it dropped.


Tickets for Splendour in the Grass 2018 go on sale through Moshtix from 9:00am AEST Thursday 19 April! Jump over to the Splendour website for details.