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“I’m not your wet wild woman”: introducing the unapologetic power of SOOK

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear… SOOK are not here to placate, nor appease you. They’re here to hurl out abrasive, unapologetic garage punk that’ll kick you straight out of your stupid boots.

Since their recent 2017 formation, SOOK have been thrashing out flailing guitar riffs and spitting vitriolic lyrics with a vicious energy that could match Bikini Kill’s.

A viscous explosion of furious energy, SOOK are a force of nature here to kick your ass and make no apologies.

The band is made up of vocalist Macayla Schwartz, bassist Sarah Stuart, and guitarist Cheyne Howard. But past all their ferocious intent, SOOK are a group of mates who love making music together.

We all just hung around the same people and went to the same gigs, eventually becoming best friends. One day in our group chat Cheyne, Sarah and I just decided to be a band,” Schwartz reflects on SOOK’s inception.

We had frustrations to express and we found that music would be the most effective way. I mean, what’s better than making music with the people you love most?

Already, in their relatively short time together, SOOK have been responsible for the organisation of their own boutique music and arts festival SOOKFEST.

Held at the Scarborough Wombarra Bowling Club in January, SOOKFEST featured a range of work from visual artists, sets from DJs and an impressive catalogue of local bands, including Space Boys, Hoon, Wavevom, Scab Baby, and Shaun Oakley & The Boys.

“It was actually insane to see; never could we imagine putting on a festival.”

On the day it was just such a beautiful and inspiring moment for us, seeing all of these people expressing themselves creatively and supporting the arts… it went swimmingly and we’re incredibly thankful to everyone who helped us make it happen.”

In January, SOOK released their incredible debut single I’m Not Your Woman. The track is a merciless assault of savage lyrical content that feels like having boiling water thrown on your face. Yet it remains incredibly addictive by way of some infectious hooks.

I wish you’d choke me harder, so I could die and get away from you,” they sing.

Already, the track has received attention from numerous triple j presenters and earned the band support slots for such bands as Good Boy and Horror My Friend.

The song is actually kind of a ‘fuck you’ to the possessive traits in a relationship. I wrote the lyrics just after I had split with a partner and I was just fed up with the jealousy and lack of freedom that came from that,” Schwartz says of the track.

When Cheyne and I tagged along on Viral Eyes’ QLD leg of their tour in September we were sitting in a Coffs Harbour youth hostel, just bouncing ideas and finally we landed on the song that we have to this day.”

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Tyson (Space Boys), with Josh Murray (Viral Eyes) filling in on drums.

We didn’t end up recording it until the 14th of January, and on the day Cheyne and I were so incredibly hungover, I ended up vomiting on the way to the house where we recorded.”

With their debut single under their belts, SOOK continue to gain attention for their insane live show, which can often involve wedding dresses, veils, bibles, and their signature brutal spirit.

The band say of their live shows, “expect a lot of screaming, confusion and a lot of female power. We’re not here to beat around the bush and we wanna tell you what it’s like being a female in modern society.”

With their debut EP on the way and a consistent gigging schedule, SOOK’s future is looking bright, though the band remain quiet at the prospect of further plans.

We got plans, but it’s a little hush hush for the moment,” they say,“what I can definitely say is, this is just the beginning.

If you wanna experience SOOK live for yourself, do yourself a favour and catch them at one of the dates listed below:

Feb 14 – Rad Bar, Wollongong – Details
March 8 – Rad Bar, Wollongong – Details
March 30 – Finbox Boardstore, Thirroul – Details
April 4 – Rad Bar, Wollongong – Details


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February 14, 2018