Find infectious choruses, familiar vibes and a nod to the Gong in The Francos’ new EP, Take The Train Home

Local to Wollongong, The Francos are yet another example of talented Aussies that call NSW home, coming together in a suburban garage in 2014 and progressing rapidly ever since.

After jamming endlessly, playing sporadic shows and building up their fan base, two years on The Francos carefully began creating their debut EP, the soon-to-be-released Take The Train Home.

Melodic, musically diverse and talented to the bone: the boys from The Francos show us how it’s done in their new EP Take The Train Home.

Offering an insight to their home in the Gong and it’s continual rise and development, Take The Train Home explores the misadventures of life two hours south of Sydney, with a sound reflective of Aussie culture.

Kicking things off is To Keep You Going, the first track on the EP and notably the catchiest. The upbeat track is filled with big, boomy drum beats, warped sound effects, melodic guitar and warm, inviting vocals.

Made up of Ben Cauduro (lead vocals, guitars, synthesiser, organ and trumpet), Xavier Lardner (bass, guitars, backing vocals) and Alec Adams (drums, percussion, guitars, synthesiser), Had To Come From Somewhere explores the band’s full potential of musical talent.

Cauduro’s vocals are raw, powerful and unique and it’s hard not to be reminded of The Smith Street Band or Aussie classic Midnight Oil, disguised in synth-infused melodies.

From harmonised vocals, infectious beats, washy sonics and dreamy guitar riffs, Take The Train Home jumps from sweet tones to dramatic choruses, and the lyrics offer both an interesting and diverse narrative.

Already nailing exposure internationally through radio play and various music blogs after three epic single releases, it’s obvious in saying that Take The Train Home is destined to be a winner, offering a sneak-peak into the world of a diversely talented band who won’t settle for anything less.


Take The Train Home will be released tomorrow, Novmber 18th.