HEADSPIN keep the garage jams rolling with new single ‘I Don’t Mind’ 

Fresh on the back of debut single ‘These Days’, Perth-based garage rockers HEADSPIN release their second single, ‘I Don’t Mind’

Hailing from the vibrant city of Perth, the four lads of HEADSPIN proudly describe themselves as a “Boorloo-based four-piece stunner” (a nod to the Nyoongar nation). Drawing inspiration from the infectious hooks and vibrant energy of The Strokes, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Gorillaz, HEADSPIN infuses their music with their own unique personalities and life experiences.

Formed in May of the previous year, HEADSPIN has been on a roll since their debut single, “These Days,” dropped in March to much acclaim, even making waves on RTR FM. Now, with their musical journey in full swing, they have another thrilling single in the bag, ready to captivate audiences once again.


Through deciding to collaborate with local producer Sam Ford for the mix and master of ‘These Days’, a renowned local music figure who has also worked with POND and Birds Of Tokyo, HEADSPIN equipped themselves well for being noticed in the Perth rock scene.

True to the DIY ethos, the song was independently recorded by HEADSPIN in their garage. ‘These Days’ proceeded to come across as a breezy and melancholy number tinged with psychedelia, whose darkly intimate verses are almost reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys’ gritty AM album. 

While continuing with the indie tradition of garage recording, HEADSPIN’s new single ‘I Don’t Mind’ presents a faster pace for the band, displaying tight and energetic playing coupled with catchy hooks and a tender vocal croon from Hughes.

HEADSPIN also worked with a new producer, Andy Lawson this time around, a local WA figure known for his work with Eskimo Joe and Drapht. 

‘I Don’t Mind’ ultimately comes across as a short, tight and fuzzy rock track, with punchy drums, heavier guitars and more tinges of psychedelia.

While it goes into a thrashing drum rhythm towards its closure, the breezy coastal spaciousness inherent in the mix prevents the track from sounding too heavy. Although its lyrics might be ‘slacker-esque’ in their general apathy, their delivery and backing music are performed with the utmost passion. 

After gigging across Perth and Fremantle with similar indie rock acts, HEADSPIN  will celebrate the July 13 release date of ‘I Don’t Mind’ with a launch party at Scarborough’s Indian Ocean Hotel on August 20. 

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Review by Corin Shearston.