Hear Bob Dylan discuss freak shows, $1 jobs and why he will never be famous in a 1962 interview

“Oh, I’m never going to become rich and famous.”

Recently we’ve been all over the videos coming through producers Blank on Blank. Simple, striking animations set to old interviews, they’re a wonderful snapshot in time and yeah, they look amazing.

This clip is an older one, but a personal favourite. It portrays Bob Dylan at 20, sitting through an hour-long interview with Cynthia Gooding. It’s Dylan pre-fame, pre-debut album and some would say, pre-cynicism.

bob dylan animated interview blank on blank

What did Bob Dylan have to say in 1962, aged 20? Hear the eminent songwriter discuss the carnival, old songs and his debut record in this clip from Blank on Blank.

During the interview he recounts his earliest odd jobs and shows, including a string of six hour harmonica performances he would get paid $1 for. He also reflects on his time as a jack-of-all-trades for a circus carnival, and the song he wrote (but later forgot) for a woman who performed in the freak show.

Check out the video below.

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Via Blank on Blank.