Bounce around to the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack played entirely on a Moog Sub 37

The music from Donkey Kong Country is engraved into my mind; first through countless attempts at the game itself, then followed up by the DK levels across every Super Smash Bros. instalment.

But, it had been a while since those bouncy tones reached my ears. Hearing them again was a nostalgia shot straight to the heart. The icing on the cake was hearing this particular tune played on one of my dream synths.

How well do you remember the 8-bit tunes from Donkey Kong Country? Revisit DK Island Swing with a new face; played entirely on a Moog Sub 37.

The cover comes courtesy of Youtuber Luca Di Gennaro, who we found in the synthesizer corner of Reddit.

Everything from the track is played via patches on the Moog Sub 37, from synth drum beats to the bass line and melody. It’s some savvy work for sure – check it out for yourself below.

Via Reddit.