Let Swamp Fat Jangles cast a spell on you with their incredible new EP

Hailing from a “secret swamp near Sydney’s South West where the mosquitos buzz, the screen door yawns and verses are sung out on the porch,” Swamp Fat Jangles stitch together an endearingly eerie sound that’ll stick with you for weeks. 

Venturing into their new self-titled EP feels much like floating through murky water; there are strange things lurking beneath the surface, and they’ll creep up on you in the best way possible.

On their new self-titled EP, Sydney five-piece Swamp Fat Jangles ooze out a captivatingly eerie sound that will leave you feeling spell-bound.

The five-piece bring together elements of swamp-rock, blues, folk, indie-rock, and psych to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to themselves.

EP opener Cold kicks things off with a sample of hair-raising ambience, before weaving through layered and flawless vocal melodies. The band’s three vocalists rebound their resonant voices off one another to create something that will consume you wholly.

With haunting vocals and jangly guitars, the EP’s lead single Spaghetti Renaissance feels like the grimy soundtrack to a Tarantino flick, while EP closer River is a slow burning epic that simmers and boils over with a captivating meld of melancholic tones.

Do yourself a favour and let Swamp Fat Jangles take you on this bizarre journey… you won’t regret it. The new EP will be available July 12th.

If you wanna hear the new tracks live, make sure you head along to Swamp Fat Jangles’ EP launch at Leadbelly, Newtown on July 12th. Grab more info and tickets here.