Heart Beach

You know that feeling you get floating in the ocean? Weightless, worry-less drifting? If you could combine that with the sting of hot sand between your toes, it would feel a lot like Heart Beach. Their music is chill enough to take you to a place of pure calm, but edgy enough to tingle your ears into an all-sense inclusive frenzy.

heart beach

Self described as “sad minimal Hobartian skuzz pop drone harmonies”, Heart Beach have a uniquely crisp yet subtle sound, for which it’s three equally unique band members can be credited: Jonathon McCarthy (guitar/vocals), Claire Jansen (bass/vocals) and Daniel Butcher (drums). In 2013, Heart Beach released their first four singles: Holiday, Weather, House and Recordand have since subsequently released their fifth, Hours.

The trio kicked off their tour in Australia this February at the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart, traveling then to Melbourne and three locations in New Zealand (Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington- at the last ever Camp A Low Hum Festival). Heart Beach are the low-key hidden treasure of indie bands. You know, kind of like that back-alley pub down a one-way street that you wouldn’t think to walk into, but once you do, you keep coming back. And that’s what makes this music so precious. It’s perfect for an afternoon at the bar or the beach, or anywhere and anytime you want to feel that breezy, warm-sun-on-your-back kinda thing.

Keep an eye and ear out for what washes up next on Heart Beach’s shores.



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