The Golden Awesome

Deep in the midst of Wellington, New Zealand, you will find a lady called Stef, and three men by the names of Jo, Matt and Justin. Yes, they make sweet music together, but his four-piece are more than just your average band. Being previously and extensively involved with other indie music projects (Mink, Cloudboy, and The Users may ring a bell to some), The Golden Awesome are the perfect product of experience, and are true masters of their craft.

the golden awesome

Aside from just being ridiculously awesome, The Golden Awesome can also be described as a delicious blend of alternative rock, psychedelia, and the shoegaze style made popular by UK artists in the late 80s and early 90s. Get ready to revisit this time – where the dainty, melodic vocals are gently swept away by the distortion of the guitars. Ahhhh, such bliss. Many happy.

After forming in 2009, the quartet released their debut album Autumn in 2011, and have since been sharing their music throughout New Zealand with people and sheep alike. Having performed in Melbourne as recently as October of last year, we can only hope that our kwirky-kool-kiwi friends will make a speedy return back to Australia. Treat yourself!



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