The This Many Boyfriends Club

Imagine the tightness and sing-along-ability of The Strokes but less melodic and much more chaotic. Yeah, they’re a cult phenomenon waiting to happen. The three piece Montreal band The This Many Boyfriends Club are a mixture of old school rock and self proclaimed ‘dandy punk’, complete with acid wash denim jackets, pink hair reminiscent of Kurt Cobain circa 1992, and a whole of lot of groovy dance moves.

the this many boyfriends club

The trio, consisting of Casimir Frederic Coquette Kaplan (Cas) on guitar and vocals, Andrew Miller on the bass and Evan Magoni on drums, hit the underground Montreal music scene with their first EP Anything is Popsicle in October 2012 and Die or Get Rich Trying in September 2013.

Their most recent release A Pumpkin Like You (December 2013), is a much more upbeat tune than their previous released singles, expressing their occasionally nonsensical and completely unusual lyrics through epic vocal harmonies, catchy bass lines and strong guitar leads, resulting in some supremely appealing, foot tapping tunes. The ‘boyfriends’ are continuing to play locally throughout 2014. Yeah, Canada – I’m falling for you.



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