Take a peek at Helga Stentzel’s latest addition to her clothesline artwork series

Sweat-pant camels, dove sock puppets and more comprise Helga Stentzel’s whimsical clothesline art series.

Last year, London-based artist Helga Stentzel debuted a whimsical series depicting laundry strung up in the shape of various barnyard animals, promptly going viral for her levitating cow made entirely of hoodies and t-shirts. Stentzel would go on to create tea towel ponies and doves made of socks, superimposing these laundry animals atop various environmental landscapes.

Now, Stentzel added to her clothesline menagerie, this time fashioning a dinosaur skeleton out of bleach-white socks, an underwear kitten and a pinstripe zebra. The latest additions to the series also include two farm-bound sheep — fittingly styled in woolly jumpers — and a sweatpant camel meandering throughout the desert. Stretching the series’ reach beyond Instagram, Stentzel donated some of the proceeds from her prints to Ukraine aid efforts.

Credit: Instagram

Speaking of the light-bulb moment behind her laundry sculptures in an interview with Creative Boom earlier this year, Stentzel revealed her first-ever entry to the clothesline canon. “I saw a sock on the floor next to some pegs and realised that it looked like a horse’s head,” she recalled. “It took me a while to develop the idea further and work out how to make the horse’s body.” Peep the new additions to Stentzel’s clothesline series above, and scroll down for more of her previous work. 

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Credit: Instagram