Henning releases stunning, heart-wrenching new track ‘Already Gone’

Sydney artist Henning has just released her second single Already Gone, delivering all the moody pop vibes you’ve been craving. 

Henning has created a stunning track that tips its hat to her many diverse influences while simultaneously displaying her ability to create her own unique sound. 

Combining immersive story-telling and a catchy pop sound, Henning paints a picture of heartbreak in a way that invites listeners to hang on to every word that she so beautifully sings. 

Detailed lyricism is so often lost in pop music, however, Already Gone is clearly an exception. By the end of the track, listeners are made to feel as though Henning has just shared a piece of her heart with them. The track so eloquently explores the many facets of a complicated relationship and the intense struggles of moving on after it has ended. 

The track delves into the toxic and manipulative aspects of a relationship which can make it so hard to heal when a couple part ways. Henning plays with the feelings of loss in this track, delivering stunning melodies and irresistibly soft vocals that soak up every inch of her emotions. While the whole track is littered with lyrical gold, the line ”I can’t lose you when you’re already gone and it hurts” is particularly potent, making listeners reflect, relate, empathise deeply.

Already Gone follows after Henning’s first single With You was inspired by a past crush; love and loneliness, posing the question: how long can you remain lonely to be with someone? Both tracks flaunt baroque-pop artists like Lorde and Amy Shark as influences, both sonically and in songwriting style, giving subtle and distinctive lyrical details that really make each song sparkle. 

The fact that Henning has only played guitar and piano for a relatively short while, is shocking, to say the least, and while she does not play instruments live, it is incredible how quickly she has gained instrumental skills. 

Be sure to add Henning into your regular rotation, and soak up some of her incredible soft-pop magic. Before long, the Sydney artist will be taking the world by storm. 

Listen to Already Gone below: