Here’s Iggy Pop reading a tribute to his dog on ‘Bedtime Stories’

The New Museum in Manhattan has launched a new digital art project called Bedtime Stories. Designed by Maurizio Cattelan, Bedtime Stories invites musicians, artists, and other pop culture figures to read excerpts of literary material.

The project began today, featuring none other than Iggy Pop reading a personal tribute to a long lost dog.


Artist Maurizio Cattelan has started a new digital series of Bedtime Stories. The instalments feature artists giving readings of their favourite literary material. Iggy Pop kicks it off with a touching story of a lost dog.

Describing the idea’s origin, Cattelan described it as “a way of staying together during these days of isolation”. If wholesomeness was what Cattelan was after, then he couldn’t have hoped for a better start than Iggy Pop’s contribution.

“From the first time I saw you, standing on the other side of the divided highway, smelling the meat coming out of the meat locker at the mini-mart, I knew you were the dog for me,” he reads.

“You were such a good-looking little dog. And the next thing I knew, there you were, standing by my truck, looking up at me. I picked you up, put you on my lap and thought about keeping you — and in less than a minute I was covered in fleas!”

New readings will be available every day until the end of June, with many esteemed figures occupying the bill, including David Byrne, Michael Stipe, Marilyn Minter, Takashi Murakami and many more.

Check out Iggy Pop reminiscing about his canine companion here.