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PREMIERE: Møtrik unleash mind-melting new video for ‘Artificial Head’

Møtrik will trap you in the chamber of your own mind. With their repetitive rhythms and wiry riffs, they’ll pull you into an inescapable groove, whirlpooling around the inner-workings of your head. It may sound frightening and claustrophobic, but rest assured dear friend, it is not. For there is a world inside your mind far bigger than that outside, you just have to be willing to open the door.

The Portland-based kraut-rock masters have returned with Artificial Head, the lead single from the forthcoming album of the same name. What’s the song about? Who knows, who cares. It’s a sonic portal, burrowing into psychological caves hitherto not visited.

On their new video for Artificial Head, Portland kraut-rock outfit Møtrik throw a surreal party in the depths of your mind.

Wonky synths, droning guitars, and robotic drum beats lock into Stereolab-style grooves. They sit on repeated phrases, allowing subtle melodies to arise through oceans of fuzzy, effect-drenched sounds.  All this is driven by the band’s rhythmic machinations — a driving pulse that never wavers or weakens.

The new single arrives alongside a surreal new video, perfectly capturing the track’s hallucinatory soundscapes. Directed by Jonas Hartley, the clip guides you into a world of absurd imagery. Once inside this world, however, you’ll likely never want to leave.

As mentioned, this is just the first taste from the band’s upcoming album. Judging by what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more psyche-shattering songs in the near future.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video clip from Møtrik above.

Pre-order the album here.


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May 15, 2020