Here’s what went down at Groovin The Moo 2019

Fading perfume, clouds of questionable smoke, rib-cage-rattling bass and a mass of stumbling dancers, Groovin the Moo 2019, you were one hell of a sensory overload… in a good way, of course.

With a backpack full of lenses, a media lanyard dangling amongst camera straps, a quick battery check and the constant feeling that I’d forgotten something, I collected my thoughts, took in a deep breath or two and shimmied through growing crowds.

All photos: Katja Bischof

The atmosphere at Groovin The Moo is completely mesmerising. Lights seem to glow brighter, crowds sing louder, and moments pass as if in slow motion.

Following a home-made setlist with colour-coordinated stages and times, the majority of my day was spent darting between locations, squeezing down heavily surveilled tunnels and finding a balance between capturing each performance and selfishly taking the moment in from my prime position.

When the sun came down, my feelings of awe, curiosity and creativity only grew, observing festival goers and artists in their natural habitat, through my separating lens of sobriety. The lights seemed to glow a little brighter, the crowd sang a little louder, and each moment passes slightly blurred as if in slow motion.

Throughout the entirety of the day, each set evoked a mesmerising atmosphere, booming speakers, screaming crowds and a 4-meter barrier between performer and front-row, full of a strange stillness. Thank you Groovin The Moo, you were incredible.