Heroic dogs saving their humans is exactly why all dogs go to heaven

An Alaskan malamute stopped his human from freezing to death in Croatia and a German shepherd led police to a car crash in the US, all in the same week.

We all think we love our dogs more than anyone else loves theirs but, this week a few lucky humans may be a little bit closer to their K9 pals than the average pooch parent.

Meet the two dogs that deserve all the treats in the world!

Tinsley the heroic German shephard. Credit: WPTZ BURLINGTON

A brave malamute saves his human after falling down a mountain.

Croatian rescuers are celebrating the perfect pup who protected his owner from freezing to death after the two fell 150m down a mountain.

The pair had to wait 13 hours in the dark after slipping until the man could get medical attention.

“Friendship and love between man and dog know no boundaries,” the county’s mountain rescue service wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

The incident happened late on January 1 more than 1,700 metres up Mount Velebit.

After falling, the hiker had seriously hurt his leg but his fury friend, North, was uninjured and used his body heat to warm the hiker overnight.

“[North] curled beside him and warmed him with his body,” the rescue service went on.

The rescue mission was tough as the snow, ice and broken trees blocked access to the location.

“His loyalty didn’t stop even when the rescuers came. He was one of us, guarding his man for 13 hours.”

“This example could teach us all how to care about each other,” the rescuers said.

A brave dog survives a car crash and alerts police to the incident.

In the US, police have described something actually unbelievable.

The New Hampshire State Police posted on Facebook that they and officers from the Lebanon Police Department responded to reports of a dog running loose on Interstate 89 at around 10pm on January 3.

When the officers reached the big beautiful German shepherd, Tinsley, she led them to the scene of a badly damaged vehicle that had rolled over.

Yeah, you read that correctly. How the police understood “Come this way” from a few barks, we’ll never know.

Tinsley’s humans had been seriously injured and were suffering hypothermia so it’s incredibly lucky that the police arrived when they did.

The occupants of the car are being treated and are expected to survive. Tinsley’s owner, Cam Laundry, told local news station WPTZ that he was lucky his dog was with him when the crash happened.

“She’s my little guardian angel, you know. It’s a miracle that she had that kind of intelligence to do what she did,” Landry said

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