Hideous Towns have released their debut, Joy

Hideous Towns – Joy

Hideous Towns are a cute, new band from Melbourne. Here’s how they know one another:

Chris and Ryan are long time pals, nothing sexual, Ashley’s mother was a coworker of Ryan’s so she hooked us up with her little drummer boy, nothing sexual, Alana was recruited from the internet. Nothing sexual.

Cool. They have a track called Joy, the black-and-white-friends-hanging-out clip to which is nestled at the top of this screen. Its a really nice debut, reminding me of Crystal Stilts, or a more melodic Sonic Youth. The female vocals are a nice change too, bringing a softness to the overall sound which doesn’t go unappreciated.

Their single launch will be on April 3 at Bar Open with ghoulish friends Luna Ghost, and The Primary.