PREMIERE: Banks Of The Beautiful’s new video is guaranteed to fill you with joy

Banks Of The Beautiful front-woman Lou Star is no stranger to the big stage. Her career has even included a set at the formerly beloved Big Day Out (rest in peace).

This burgeoning career was put on hold, however, for Star to have her son. These are the moments this new song is about; the ones that can simultaneously make and break you.

Joy feels like a celebration. It’s a triumphant return to a career that appears poised for big things.

Joy, the new video from Banks Of The Beautiful, is exploding with hyper-colourful energy and insanely infectious pop melodies.

Joining Star in this project is Andy Woollard – an established musician in his own right – having toured with the likes of Metallica and Pearl Jam.

Together, the duo have crafted a shimmering piece of charming, synth-driven pop that guarantees to fill your heart with joy (pun very much intended).

Whether it’s leaving school, graduating uni, traveling, being in a relationship or having a baby, it just seems crazy that some of the biggest moments in life, you know, those that bring such intense joy or sense of achievement can break and save you at the same time,” Star says.

Joy is the second offering from Banks Of The Beautiful’s debut album Unscheduled Departure, set for release later this year.

Watch the new video for Joy above.