Premiere: Float in the woozy goodness of Tidal Peak's Glacial Heart

PREMIERE: Get lost in the woozy synth-pop goodness of Glacial Heart by Tidal Peak

Sometimes you’ve just got to go it alone. In 2015, when Kyle Lacko’s previous band fell apart, he decided he wasn’t yet done making music – and thank god for that.

He’s since set himself the challenge of recording every instrument in his own “solo studio project with a live incarnation, aided by a drum machine,” which is now referred to as Tidal Peak. 

Glacial Heart, the latest offering from Tidal Peak, is a lush slice of dream-pop that will fill the empty space around you with its glorious, reverb-soaked guitars.

On his new track Glacial Heart, Tidal Peak weaves his dreamy vocals through serene, psychedelic, synth-pop to prove once and for all that solitude is indeed bliss.

Listening to the song feels much like stepping off the edge of a pier. Left to float, the atmospheric sounds effortlessly flow around you.

As a live band, Tidal Peak perform as a three-piece with Stephen Denham (guitar, vocals), Enya Ashlynn (co-vocalist), Brendan Hiller (synths) and Sean Quinn (bass, vocals) filling out the field.

Based out of Toowoomba, Lacko doesn’t stop at just this solo project. He also operates his own home studio, known as Moor Noise, and runs his own independent record label Innersea Records.

Glacial Heart is the first taste off Tidal Peak’s upcoming album The Shallow Surface, which is set for release April 20th.

Do yourselves a favour and listen to the track above, or check out Tidal Peak at their next gig:

27th April – Spotted Cow, Toowoomba – supporting Suicide Swans.