High Score: an Australian virtual conference that’s all about video game music

Melbourne International Games Week have announced the return of their music and audio conference, High Score: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming.

One of the best parts of a game is, more often than not, the mood it sets. Whether you’re hopping frantically across platforms in Super Mario Bros. or saving the galaxy as Commander Shepard, the soundtracks of these games set the tone for players.

And yet we often forget this super important part of game design. Thankfully, the virtual event lineup for Melbourne International Games Week includes a special music event named High Score.

Melbourne International Games Week High Score
Image: Melbourne International Games Week

In its fifth iteration already, High Score is a two-day, virtual event that “showcases composers, songwriters and artists responsible for creating the soundtracks that bring games to life”.

Expert talks, workshops, and insights into this niche industry are all on the conference’s agenda. “Renowned international guests and some of Australia’s best talent” are expected to attend, with an opening presentation from American Say No! More composer Julie Buchanan included.

Buchanan’s presentation takes a closer look at soundtracks “from conceptualisation to completion”, and will also explore digital synths as expressive instruments. As well as some tips for composition techniques and thematic development.

Jordan Chin, both a games composer and singer-songwriter, will also be in attendance to discuss how he creates narratives through his work. Having worked on Death’s Door, Monster Train, and VR experience Zenith certainly gives him plenty of practical insight to share with aspiring games musicians.

From Orchestra Victoria, Nicolette Fraillon and Sara Pheasant will also be part of the seminars and workshops offered, looking to discuss their history of working with dance theatre and “how that translates into working with games”.

Plenty of networking opportunities for musicians, sound artists and games developers are just waiting to be snatched up at the upcoming event. A “two full days of A+R sessions” awaiting those who want to join in on the action.

High Score’s registrations are open now.

Event times

October 2 – 9:15am – 4:00pm AEST
October 3 – 9:45am – 4:45pm AEST