High Score: upcoming Netflix docuseries explores the ‘golden era’ of gaming

Netflix has produced a ton of documentaries and video game adaptations for its wide audience base to date. High Score will be a new, six-episode series covering the best of both worlds, documenting the ‘golden era’ of video gaming history.

Premiering August 19, High Score will visit the revolutionary era in history where video games surprised the world with brilliant displays of culture and innovation.

high score netflix docuseries golden era of gaming
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From Nintendo to Sega and everything in between, High Score is the Netflix documentary on the history of classic video games

Most of us would have at least heard of the Nintendo Switch, perhaps you own one yourself. High Score is the docuseries here to remind everyone of the era before our hyper-portable Switches and smartphones. The series will delve back to when we would play the original Final Fantasy or DOOM instead of the remakes; a nostalgia trip fans of video gaming and cultural history can both enjoy together.

Although the explicit content within each episode is not specified, we can speculate that the series will explore the ‘golden age’ of gaming from both Eastern and Western perspectives. The multi-billion dollar industry is built upon influences from both sides of history and hopefully, the series intends to pay homage to this.

high score netflix docuseries golden era of gaming

Whether it’s the beloved Italian plumber from Nintendo’s flagship franchise or the brutal ninjas from the Mortal Combat series, High Score intends to document video game history without leaving out any of the good bits.

We can expect an insightful look at video games straight from the creators that gave birth to the contemporary era of gaming. Historical, educational, and still relevant, High Score will make an wonderful addition to anyone’s watch-list this month.


High Score premieres August on Netflix.