The Silverbeets evoke a bygone era with the masterfully crafted Stay Tuned

Hailing from Hobart, four-piece indie outfit The Silverbeets deliver listeners a densely packed and lovingly crafted album in Stay Tuned. Through this  record, the Tasmanian group bring a brilliantly bright sound back to the Aussie music scene.

The Silverbeets are made up of Farnz Cordeaux (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jamie Scott (lead guitar, vocals), Nigel Hope (bass), and Bill O’Brien (drums). Taking cues from Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Pixies, Queen and Simon & Garfunkel, the group channel their own brand of luminary rock. Touchstones are also found in contemporary acts such as Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes.

The Silverbeets

Stay Tuned by The Silverbeets will take you on an introspective yet upbeat journey. The record rolls with eons of nostalgia, while still shaking with a modern twist.

After the release of previous EP Purple Stems in 2016, The Silverbeets have been gaining traction of the local circuit. With eclectic influences and flavours, the end result is an epic homage to the concept album.

Stay Tuned is a pilgrimage in itself. The tracks all carry a worldy tone (in some cases, other-worldly) which crank the character up to 11. From the earthly soundscape of opening track All Cool People, to the spacey grunge style of Bureaucratic Philosophies.

Love Puzzle rolls with a wistful kind of heartbreak before erupting into a classic rock chorus. And Split Window Kombis (Are the Best) offers a Bowie-esque sensory experience. Watching the Sun is well suited to staring into the abyss.

Stay Tuned evokes memories of a bygone era. Crafted to hit you right in the pressure points, the album will satisfy a thirst for the musical nods of yesteryear.


Stay Tuned is out now.