New clip, new attitude, new album: Coridian are ready to explode

Last week we offered up the first look at Coridian’s dynamic and visually incredible new video Reflections. It’s a cut from their killer 2017 album Caldera, but given the magnitude of the clip we hope was a herald for even bigger things to come.

And we were right. We sat down with Coridian after the clip dropped to discuss CalderaReflections, and the new music they have planned for later this year.

coridian reflections video

Been on the edge of your seat for new music from Coridian? According to the band, you won’t have to hold your breath much longer.

HAPPY: I really dig your band name and Caldera as an EP name. Can you talk us through what both of these mean?

CORIDIAN: Coridian is an ancient Mayan vessel – which they would fill with a special potion, derived from a root, and given to virgins before a ritual sacrifice. Caldera is a little more close to home – being based in New Zealand, we are surrounded by dormant volcano. Caldera’s are craters from a volcanic explosion which in turn becomes a life of it’s own – like a lake or valley.

The songs recorded in the album are a storm of emotions and ideals, which have manifested from a great explosion of sorts – thus forming the final product which is our Caldera.

HAPPY: We’ve slowly been getting into the NZ scene, there’s so much good shit to find in there. Who are some other bands in the alt rock space you’re really digging right now?

CORIDIAN: We have had to pleasure to meet and perform with some high caliber kiwi rock bands – City of Souls are a big inspiration. We’ve also made some amazing friends along the way – with bands like Skinny Hobos, Curlys Jewels, Silence the City, Animal Head and Fallstate It’s always great to be able to  perform great shows and hang out with your mates at the same time.

HAPPY: Caldera has been out there for a good half a year now, any plans for another big release?

CORIDIAN: Yes definitely – we have a brand new single coming out later this year and have also been writing and pre-producing songs for our upcoming album. Which we’re looking to release sometime in 2019.

One main feedback we got from Caldera was that it didn’t have enough songs – so we’ve listened and will respond.

HAPPY: How is the album going to differ from your previous recordings? Was the writing process any different?

CORIDIAN: With previous recordings we were approaching it one song at at time. But now we’ve been focusing more on pre-production and crafting these songs with the album in mind. Being able to have more songs to work with, we can play around with the vibe of the song choices and hopefully give the listener a better understanding of Coridian.

HAPPY: The video for Reflections is pretty epic. Tell us a bit about how this one came together.

CORIDIAN: We had the pleasure to work with the brilliant director Mardo El-Noor, who has worked with other amazing Kiwi artist – like Theia, Kings, and Chores. Reflections is a very emotional song (it’s pretty much Dity’s break up song) so the concept for this video was not to be a literal narrative, but more of a great showcase of the song and performance. The visual aspect is more of a representation of the song. It’s styley af and everyone involved has done an amazing job giving it their all.


Coridian’s new single Reflections is out now. Catch them live on the following dates:

June 15 – Totara St, Tauranga – Details
June 16 – Small Stage, Big Sound Festival, Auckland – Details