We’ve scored the last kegs of Panhead Supercharger APA in Australia for the Issue 8 Launch!

The Happy Mag Issue 8 Launch is just one day away, and we’re chuffed to announce that Panhead Custom Ales will be there in full force. The brewskis will be flowing on June 16, and Panhead are hooking us up with the literal last kegs of Supercharger APA and Port Road Pilsner in Australia right now.

Among the live music, art, and chance to win free stuff, The Lady Hampshire will have three Panhead brews on tap: Quickchange XPA, Supercharger APA and Port Road Pilsner.

panhead supercharger APA happy mag issue 8 launch

What could make the Happy Mag Issue 8 Launch even better? Thanks to Panhead, that would be the last keg of their award-winning Supercharger APA in Australia right now.

Hailing from Upper Hutt, Wellington, Panhead brew their craft beer with some serious skill and creativity. Those who ventured to the GABS beer fest may already be acquainted with their concoctions.

The acclaimed Supercharger APA has won the NZ GABS Hottest 100 for two years in a row. Proving to be a hot commodity, the American Pale Ale departs “with more bitterness than a Palm Springs divorce” and will soon make its way to more pubs and shelves around Australia.

You’ll also be able to wet your whistle with some Port Road Pilsner, a robust part German, part Kiwi brew, or Quickchange XPA, a lighter offering with notes of tropical fruit. Yummy.


The Happy Mag Issue 8 Launch will take place at The Lady Hampshire on June 16. Entry is free, so be sure to head over to the Facebook event for all the deets.