Holas May x Valley Flaxman ‘IDC’

“I dont like what you like. Cool IDC” Holas May and Valley Flaxman drop their philosophical and vibey as all hell single IDC.

South Australian rapper Holas May and producer Valley Flaxman aka Dan Linke announce “IDC” on October 28. “IDC” is the duo’s third release in two months as part of the Adelaide-based duo’s “Overman” series, following “Push Up Daisies” and “A Lot to Bear”, which were both released in September.

Holas May X Valley Flaxman has hit on a method that works, with recent collaborations on Holas May’s 2021 singles “Block Letter” and “One Win High” which were both produced by Linke. The “Overman” series sees Linke’s Valley Flaxman pseudonym attached to the productions for the first time.

Holas May x Valley Flaxman “IDC”
Credit: Holas May x Valley Flaxman “IDC”

The “Overman” series follows the path of the Character towards becoming the Overman, the best version of himself that he can be. The series draws heavy influence from philosopher Frederick Nietzsche’s “Übermensch” concept, which itself is posed as a goal for all humankind to strive towards in order to become the best versions of ourselves.

With the concept in mind, “IDC” follows the Character as he dives deep into the nihilistic wonderland of forgetting all cares and worries. This wonderland is used as a coping mechanism for the many pressures faced in today’s world.

Linke’s production and songwriting has been praised in the past for its “weird beats, big choruses and tight raps”, as well as being compared to “those few precious Vince Staples/Sophie collabs” (Super Super Sounds). These stylistic and sonic energies are on full display on “IDC”, utilising squelchy synths and aggressive drum patterns to embellish Holas May’s philosophical and aggressive approach as a vocalist and lyricist.

Listen to “IDC”

Holas May x Valley Flaxman “IDC”
Credit:Holas May x Valley Flaxman “IDC”

“IDC” releases on October 28, 2022 on all good streaming services. “Overman”, the final single of the series, will be released in late November.

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