Holiday Sidewinder

All you Bridezilla fans can rest assured that the alt, experimental, mello-jello tunes legacy is living on via former band member and lead singer Holiday Sidewinder. The blonde babe is currently living around London and is spreading her heat (physically and musically) as a solo act.

In Sidewinder’s teenage years she played more shows around Sydney between 2005 and 2007 (along with her other mates from Bridezilla) than I can be bothered to type out. The young Bridezilla crew quickly made a name for themselves touring around the world with big names like Wilco, Interpol and The Drones, and featured on the bill to large festivals such as Homebake and Splendour.

holiday sidewinder

There was a time when going out in Sydney meant going to see Bridezilla. Sadly they split, but Holiday Sidewinder has now launched her sparkling solo work.

Fun side fact: she also appeared on SBS’s Rockwiz with fluffy haired rocker Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother, as the tender teenager that she was. Fun fact two, the band signed their first record deal right here in Happy HQ which it was occupied by Ivy League! Bridezilla unfortunately split some time after with their last show at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney at the end of 2012.

Now in her musically seasoned post-teenage years, this girl is impressive. Earlier this year she released her debut single Carousel, and if it is any indication of what her album is going to be like, it’s safe to say I’m excited. While Sidewinder’s classicly gentle, angelic, soft vocals remain stable throughout her debut, she also brings something new to the table – venturing into hints of jazz within an alternative, melancholic, pop-friendly framework. Take a look at her video clip to Carousel, the aesthetic of which hints at a burlesque or show girl feel.

I’m sure many of us are anticipating Holiday’s full-length debut. From the enigmatic lead of her high-school sweetheart band, she’s grown into a badass, confidant woman in her own league. There is no competition and comparison doesn’t seem to fit – Sidewinder is obviously on a path to unshakeable success.



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