Looking for an affordable body waxing alternative? Honey. are here to help

Ever wondered how to wax yourself with honey? Yeah… me too.

Well we don’t have to wonder any longer. Wellington pop outfit Honey. are here to clear up any mystery with this informative new video.

With this new tutorial video, Honey. are addressing the question on everyone’s minds: How do I wax myself with honey?

Fronted by dynamic husband and wife duo, Alexander and Lydia Reid, Honey. are a band who embrace you with their sweet, tender beats and make you feel loved. Apparently, they’ll also make you kinda sticky.

Suss out their latest masterpiece below.

We were so inspired by this explanatory new video, we spoke to Alexander Reid about his transformational experience. First thing we needed to know was how his chest was holding up.

“A little bit tender, I’ll be honest. But unarguably, it’s put me up a few notches in a few books and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day,” Reid says.

“Looking great is tough work, and it can really work up an appetite. Now once I’ve achieved cosmetic perfection, I’m rewarded with an admittedly hairy, yet tasty snack.” 

Since their recent beginnings, Honey have played with an impressive list of artists including Maribou State, Nomad, and Fazerdaze.

In true philanthropic fashion, Honey are here to help their fans, not only providing them with practical waxing alternatives, but also helping them save some cash.

“The price factor weighs in too,” Reid continues, “[honey] is very cheap to produce. Although money is no factor for us. We’re musicians and rolling thick in that Spotify dollar dollar.” 

“Let’s just say this won’t be the last ‘Honey. How To,’ so I don’t want to show my hand too early. But I will say this: if you haven’t had honey on a piece of tasty cheddar cheese, then you really ought to rethink what you’re doing with your life.”

Honey.’s new single Saab 900 will be out December 8th.