HOON are back with a new all-ages festival ‘All Of Us’

A year removed from the launch of their own self-titled festival HOON-FEST, Wollongong legends HOON are back at it again… however, this time they’ve really stepped things up a notch.

On Saturday, February 1st, the band will descend upon the Wollongong Youth Centre for All Of Us; a huge all-ages event featuring some of the best bands currently kicking around the country.

All Of Us is an all-ages festival going down at Wollongong Youth Centre in a couple of weeks time. You don’t want to miss it!

HOON and inner-west heroes SCABZ will be leading the lineup, alongside other locals Scab Baby, VRTGO, Pinch Dolls, Floodway, and Swells.

Not only have HOON invited along a stack of their musical mates, but they’ve also tee’d up an amazing group of visual artists to contribute to a massive collaborative art wall. These artists include Aluna Ink, Jedd Dimension, Lana Cappetta, Jaya, Bella Chidlow, Ava Marinos.

“We wanted to bring together creative people with this show, from both the music and visual arts scene in Wollongong to try and showcase a wider variety of the great things happening here, and the people doing it,” HOON say of the new event.

It’s always great to see bands feeding back into their local arts community, and All Of Us has been put together with that one focus in mind.

Grab more info on the festival here, and check out the full lineup below:


Scab Baby
Pinch Dolls


Aluna Ink
Jedd Dimension
Lana Cappetta
Bella Chidlow
Ava Marinos