King Gizzard and the Shitpost Wizard just dropped a full album, and it’s fried as

Our good friend and King Gizzard connoisseur, the anonymous Youtuber King Gizzard and the Shitpost Wizard has just dropped a full album.

It may be early days but fuck it, The Eggs Album could be the LP of the year. Youtube commenter Daily Zach is on board for sure:

“So far they’ve released 3 iconic albums this year. FMB, MoTU, and now the Eggs album. Say what you will about Nonagon or Mind Fuzz being the best albums, but this album right here will never be beat. It has taken the throne and has no plans to be dethroned.” 

King gizzard and the shitpost wizard eggs album
Photo: Brooke Tunbridge

King Gizzard and the Shitpost Wizard have delved into unchartered, maniacal territory with The Eggs Album, the Youtuber’s debut LP.

Normally this superfan specialises in slowing Gizz songs down by 800%, or posting 10 hour clips of drummer Ed looking bored. This is next level.

Get lost in the wormhole below:

The mystery still remains – who is this unnamed craftsman of utterly batshit content? If you’re out there, Shitpost Wizard, drop us a line.

We’ve got our money on it being the sloppy side project of a band member… but which?