Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series – Producer AnSo invites us into a day in the life of a musician

Sydney’s very own multi-talented producer, AnSo invites us into their home studio to talk producing on the go

Join us as we discover the practical side of Hot Chips: The Fresh Tech Creator Series as we take a closer look at producer AnSo and their workhorse MSI Cyborg 15 laptop. 

AnSo invited us into their Inner West home studio for the day, so we could delve into the creative process and go to the tools of a producer on the go.


AnSo’s routine is far from structured; instead, their creativity thrives in spontaneity, a trait they excel in.

AnSo starts their creative journey with some field recordings, grabbing sounds from the outdoors—whether it’s the casual buzz of a gathering at Camperdown Park or the rhythmic creak of a gate. On the move, they plugs into their MSI Cyborg 15 laptop, a must-have for turning these recordings into a fresh Ableton session.

The real fun begins as AnSo gets into mixing, chopping, and adding effects to their recordings. Their go-to tools on the move are their trusty recorder, sometimes their phone, but most importantly, their MSI laptop—the unsung hero of their on-the-go music-making setup.

MSI Cyborg 15 is a compact and dependable powerhouse. Sleek and robust, it delivers a high-performance thanks to its RTX4050 graphics, DLSS3, AI-Frame generation, and a backlit keyboard. With its feather-light design, it’s effortlessly portable, making it perfect for on the go.

Without it, AnSo wouldn’t be able to roll with the creative punches, from impromptu outdoor sessions to live shows.

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And check out the invaluable and practical genius of MSI’s Cyborg 15 here.