How much do huge artists make from streaming? It's less than you'd think

What was the biggest cash cow for music superstars in 2016? A new study pits streaming against touring revenue

It’s no secret that the world’s biggest artists are raking it in. They’re making millions of dollars each day… but surprisingly, it’s not all about the streaming royalties.

A majority of these artists made over 75% of their revenue in 2016 from touring.

How much do you think the world’s biggest artists make from streaming and touring? A new study breaks down the earnings of music’s superstars.

WMG is making over $1 billion dollars in total, while Sony is at a steady $1.2 billion. This is nothing compared to UMG raking in $4.5 million dollars a day, and that is for streaming alone.

Beyoncé is at the top of the list, making 88% of her yearly salary from touring. Earning a total of $62.1 million, the star is 2016’s highest-grossing artist. Earning $4.3 million from sales, $1.9 million from streaming, $1.3 million from publishing and $54.7 from touring, it’s needless to say she’s killing it.

Guns N’ Roses come in at second place. Earning $670,800 from streaming, the legendary rock and rollers earned $771.7 thousand and $499,600 in publishing. Making $40.4 million from touring, they earned a whopping $42.3 million last year alone.

Bruce Springsteen earned $100,000 less than the Guns. With $42.4 million, Springsteen had 2016’s second highest tour grossing, raking in $40.9 million..

Coming in fourth is Drake, except he didn’t earn his millions from touring alone. Earning $37.3 million in 2017, the rapper’s revenue mainly came from audio and video streams, with $23.7 million worth of royalties. Drake earned $13.6 million in 2016 from summer touring.

Adele, Coldplay, Justin Bieber and many more artists have also made the list, with most making their riches from touring. Digital Music News confirmed that artists make 73% of music industry revenue from a combination live concerts and streaming.

You can view the rest of the list here.

Via Digital Music News.