How Reddit crowdsourced a grassroots marriage equality campaign, and how you can help

As grassroots as it gets: we have a few key Reddit users to thanks for this massive, crowdsourced campaign for Australian Marriage equality.

You’re about to see a shitload of pro-marriage equality flyers being distributed around Australia, all thanks the goodwill of a few key Reddit users.

A little under a fortnight ago, user oh-woops posted about her printing company boss, who was willing to print 50,000 flyers in order to dispel lies being propagated by the ‘no’ campaign.

Since then, the response has been massive. Yesterday, a whopping 200,000 flyers went to print.

reddit marriage equality campaign
Screenshot of the thread via hhh reddit

With the record breaking protest march in Sydney fresh on our minds and the ‘yes’ campaign swelling stronger than ever, it’s awesome to keep seeing these stories pop up. Yeah, the postal vote is bullshit and we all know it, but under the limitations, we’re certainly making ourselves hard to ignore.

200,000 flyers is a whole lot to hand out, so the legends behind this campaign are asking for a little more help. If you want to do your part for the movement, you can sign up for a spot of local distribution.

Check out the final design for the flyer below, and sign up as a volunteer on this awesome campaign right here.

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