If you’re highly anticipating the return of Blade Runner 2049, watch this clip

Can’t wait until October? A new 90 second clip reveals even more about the dystopia of Blade Runner 2049

If you’re highly anticipating the release of Blade Runner 2049, this clip may put your mind at ease… or not at ease.

Obviously a spoiler warning is necessary here. If you’ve been blocking out any news about this film, now’s the time to turn back.

This short but sweet 90 second clip from Blade Runner 2049 is a sneak peak of future Los Angeles and it’s dripping in dystopia, disaster and haunting aesthetics.

Filling in the blanks form 2019 to 2049, the clip is far from the skyscrapers and neon lights previously recognisable throughout Blade Runner. Following Ryan Gosling (as Officer K) into what looks like a creepy, run-down squat house, we see him being welcomed by what appears to be almost identical, brainwashed looking children and it’s evident this “house” has employed some kind of industrial slavery.

Director Denis Villeneuve recently told Slash Film that his intention was to match the tone of the original film, which was loneliness, melancholia, and existential doubt. Aiming to keep alive feelings of nostalgia, inner paranoia and the aesthetic of film noir, we can’t help but commend him on his efforts after watching this little number.

To see Villeneuve’s nightmarish creation for yourself, catch Blade Runner 2049 in cinemas on October 6th, or watch the ominous scene for yourself below.

Via Dazed Digital.