First look at Ryan Gosling as Barbie’s Ken stuns the internet

Warner Brothers released a sneak peek of Ryan Gosling’s look as Ken in the upcoming Barbie film, and it’s left the internet shook.

Actor Ryan Gosling has been cast to play the character of Ken in a live-action Barbie film that’s set to release in July of 2023. Just this morning, Warner Bros. Pictures dropped a sneak peek of his look via Twitter, and it’s got the whole internet talking.

Sporting bleached-blonde hair, a golden tan, sleeveless denim and washboard abs, Ryan’s shock transformation into Barbie’s boyfriend has divided the internet – some love it, others hate it, and many believe his look resembles the likes of Freddie Prinze Jr and Ellen DeGeneres.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via Twitter

The shock Tweet, which has now amassed over 60,000 likes, generated an onslaught of hilarious comments and memes from puzzled, infatuated and unimpressed fans alike: “How did they make Ryan Gosling look unattractive for a barbie movie? how is this possible…” wrote one person.

Another person Tweeted, “why does Ryan Gosling as Ken Barbie look like a Russian spy in a ‘80s family-friendly comedy movie starring Steve Martin as a divorced dad.”

There are also plenty of thirst Tweets, though: “Ryan Gosling is and always has been extremely hot,” stated one fan.

Another said, “I would let Ryan Gosling as Ken hurt my feelings.”

The forthcoming film has reportedly been in the works since 2009, but only kicked into steadfast production mode last year, after Greta Gerwig was appointed to direct it. Playing alongside Ryan Gosling as the character of Barbie will be Aussie actress Margot Robbie, whose casting was announced earlier this year.

In addition to taking on the lead role, Margot has also been announced as the co-producer of the film. She made the following statement to the press: “I am so honored to take on this role and produce a film that I believe will have a tremendously positive impact on children and audiences around the world.”