How FFXIV players can prepare for Endwalker’s delayed launch

With a two-week delay on their hands, FFXIV players have ample opportunity to prepare for the increased level cap and new jobs that Endwalker brings.

Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion, Endwalker, has been delayed by two weeks. And while that delay might be disappointing for some, it means that players now have ample time to prepare for the new wave of content the expansion will be bringing us.

Here is a guide on how you can do so. Do note, however, that this guide is only a suggestion, and min-maxing for EXP is not something most of the playerbase, casual or not, is expected to do. Play at the pace that you are most comfortable with!

Image: Square Enix


Stacking levequest allowances is a popular method of power levelling in FFXIV. It works for both your combat jobs and your crafters, which is especially ideal for players looking to make quick bank by getting into the crafting market as soon as possible.

You are awarded three levequest allowances every 12 real world hours, with a maximum cap of 100. This means that it will take you about 16 days to accumulate 100 levequest allowances if you started with none.

You can start saving levequest allowances from 17th November, or the 16th if you want to play it safe, and make it to the cap before the Endwalker Early Access goes live.

Challenge Logs

Another quick way to get EXP is via the Challenge Log. On December 1st (or 6th if you don’t have Early Access), work towards maxing the Challenge Logs that award you EXP, but do not max them. Do your two Duty Roulettes, Commend four people, do nine guildhests, do four non-Duty Roulette dungeons, do four ATES, gather 99 items, craft 29 items… etc.

On launch day, complete those logs on the jobs you want to level and profit.

You can also send out your squadrons for EXP buff manuals, though bear in mind that they do not stack with FC buffs. Food buffs however, do, so hang on to that old raid food (or grab some boiled eggs if you’re really that broke).

Beast Tribes

If you have Beast Tribe quests unlocked, grab and do as many as you can before maintenance on the desired jobs, but do not turn them in until launch day.

Image: Square Enix

Gearing Up

Speaking of Reaper and Sage, make sure you have full sets of Augmented Scaeven gear for them. Consider capping your Poetics (along with Allegory and Revelation), especially if you are playing Reaper and/or Sage.

Spoiler proofing

Filter out all /shout, /yell, and /say chats, and any large linkshells or cross world linkshells that you think will not be spoiler-free. Also consider turning off player titles – we don’t want a repeat of the <<Nidhogg Slayer>> incident!

Log off wisely

The game will be under maintenance for the entirety of 2nd December, so make sure you log off at the location of the first quest you want to pick up when you begin your Endwalker journey. For players who want to pick up Reaper, it is in Ul’dah, for Sage, Limsa Lominsa.

If your focus is the Main Scenario Quests, log off within the Rising Stones and not just in Mor Dhona. Another thing to note; if you are planning to use a Fantasia, remember to chug it and remove all your equipment.

And that’s a wrap! You can watch the Endwalker launch trailer here, and preorder the game here if you have not already done so.

And to all the Warriors of Light out there who have to make a mad scramble to their employers to change their leave for the new release dates, I shall leave you with this: