Check out what’s happening this November at The Bank Hotel

Did somebody say live music?! It’s well and truly happening at Newtown’s treasured Bank Hotel, and this month they’re bringing the heat.

You may have noticed an influx of live music posters cropping up around Sydney’s Inner West. This isn’t a mistake. Lockdown is over once more, and there’s an abundance of talented local acts just dying to get back under the lights again.

Luckily for us live music addicts, The Bank Hotel’s Waywards stage is accommodating many of these incredible artists. Let’s run through the upcoming shows and find the right night for you to catch those sweet, sweet tunes.

The Bank Hotel
Image: Adam Newland. Credit: Tas Wilson

Adam Newling – Friday, 19th

First things first, alt-country singer/songwriter Adam Newling will be winning hearts with his weathered voice and heartfelt lyrics on the 19th. Accompanied with pedal steel, harmonica, drums, bass, acoustic, and electric, expect a night of raw, beautiful songcraft, delivered with conviction and homegrown instrumentation.

The artist is touring his latest single, Sweetness, which you can listen to here.



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WAWAWOW – Saturday, 20th

Psych-junk outfit WAWAWOW sounds exactly like their name. Experimenting with wild guitar pedal trickery, distorted vocals, glitchy synths and driving drums, you’ll be able to boogie while appreciating their truly original concoction of psychedelic tones.

The band will be performing brand new material as well as tracks off their acclaimed 2020 LP, Pink Elephant – listen here.



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The Tin Knees – Thursday, 25th

Not gonna lie. The Tin Knees are challenging to define, but that’s kind of their appeal. The witty lyrics, sharp guitars, twinkling keys, and brass all offer idiosyncrasies into the soundscape, providing an entirely refreshing listening experience for literally everyone involved.

Their 2020 single Has Any Body Seen My Will To Live? has already racked up over two million plays on Spotify, so you don’t wanna miss this motley crew.



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Jackie Brown Jr – Friday, 26th

Jackie Brown Jr are a team of rock/soul sweethearts that have been lifting moods and moving feet around Sydney venues since 2016. Elements of hip hop and brass also seep into their catchy bops, making them a truly original slice of the scene.

The 5-piece have also recruited Jet City Sports Club for support, so it’s bound to be a joyous evening.



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Ian T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos – Saturday, 27th

Last but not least is Ian T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos, with Lady Lyon on support. Ian and his band seamlessly blend folk, blues, country and rock, tying it all together with lyrics that overthink everything, from relationships to existential dread.

Their latest track, Who I Was is cosmic in scope; a swaying, emotional triumph I’m just teething to hear live. Jam out to it here.