How to self-help your way out of Goblin Mode

How to self-help your way out of Goblin Mode

How to get out of Goblin Mode, and no we aren’t talking about The Legend of Zelda.

The people have spoken, and it turns out that in 2022 everyone had a penchant for ‘Gas Lighting and ‘Goblin Mode’.

But rather than troll or grunt our way through the coming year, and end up with another word that champions self-indulgent and lazy ass behaviour we take a look at some tips for getting out of ‘Goblin Mode’.

What is ‘Goblin Mode’? Turn out it’s a term, which refers to “a type of behaviour which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations”.

goblin king
The Labyrinth

Not exactly the most flattering of phrases, so in part, it seems only right to try to turn next year’s coin of phrase into something a little more positive, and see if we can’t capture the zeitgeist of the nation with something a little more uplifting and inspiring. Not to say we need to feign positivity just for the sake of it, because being ‘real’ is something that should be celebrated, as opposed to the billions of ‘unreal’ selfies that dominated social media since the early 2000’s.

Casper Grathwohl, The president of Oxford Languages, said “Given the year we’ve just experienced, ‘goblin mode’ resonates with all of us who are feeling a little overwhelmed at this point”. It’s a relief to acknowledge that we’re not always the idealised, curated selves that we’re encouraged to present on our Instagram and TikTok feeds. This has been demonstrated by the dramatic rise of platforms like BeReal where users share images of their unedited selves, often capturing self-indulgent moments in goblin mode.”

Yes, it is time for a change, and in part that’s why ‘Wednesday’ has been so popular with audiences, because we are in the process of creating a new norm as adhering to the ‘fake selfies’ that so many feel they have to purport, is no longer something to aim for, in fact, its something that has needed a paradigm shift if you will for a while and like anything, its a process.

So let’s get started, and let’s shake off ‘Goblin Mode’ and start the New Year by putting our best foot forward.

Here are our best self-care tips for getting out of Goblin Mode.

Balance is key. Making sure that your mental, emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, recreational, and social needs are well balanced, is the cornerstone to overall well-being. 

One: Take 15 Minutes Every Day for Yourself to take care of your mental well-being,  Spend time alone journaling, meditating, or taking an intentional break from screen time. Take care to think before you speak and as Don Miguel Ruis says ‘Be Impeccable With Your Word’.

Two: Take care of your emotional well-being, by releasing any built-up stress. Watch a favorite movie, listen to your favorite music, and always reach out to ask for help if you need it. 

Three: Take care of your physical body, eat well, sleep well, and drink lots of water. Add mindful exercise to your daily routine, adding a walk to your local park improves physical and mental well-being tenfold.

Four: Take care of your environment professionally and personally. Choose one space at a time, and declutter, tidy and organize to promote peace and well-being. 

Five: Take care to include a daily spiritual practice. Whether it’s through a meditation class or reading a book by Eckardt Tolle, spirituality is integral to your overall growth and well-being and should be fostered at all times. 

Six: Take care to have some fun, either recreationally with fun games, a hobby, or any creative endeavor that you are drawn to. 

Seven: Take care of your friends and loved ones. Give your bestie, or your mum a call, whoever it is that you keep meaning to call, but are always too busy. Always make time to connect to the people that make you happy, and that makes you feel heard and loved in return.