Pogues frontman fans wish him a speedy recovery in time for Christmas

Pogues frontman fans wish him a speedy recovery in time for Christmas

Fans have flooded Twitter with get-well messages for The Pogues’ frontman Shane McGowan who has been rushed to hospital earlier this week.

The lead singer of Anglo-Irish Celtic punk band The Pogues, has been taken to the hospital.

Shane McGowan’s wife, Victoria Mary Clarke 56  shared via socials on Monday, that her husband was admitted to the hospital last Friday.

“Please send prayers and healing vibes to @ShaneMacGowan in the hospital again and really hoping to get out asap!! Thank you.”

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Credit: Twitter

There is no word yet, as to why the singer was admitted to the hospital, but fans have flooded her Twitter feed with prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.

In a statement released via the Daily Mirror Victoria said: “I’m definitely hoping he gets out this week. He’s a bit frustrated, I think. He finds it very frustrating… he wants to get out.”

When asked if he was doing okay, she replied “I think he is, yeah. Please don’t get too worried. I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

Fans are rooting for the fairytale of new york singer to get well soon:

 “Not at Christmas, the man is the sound of Christmas and the line ‘you’re the measure of my dreams’ are the words I dream a man will finally think of me one day.”

“He sings to my soul, I hope he recovers swiftly and not too much discomfort.”

“I hope that he’s feeling better again and that he’ll be home as soon as it’s Christmas soon, you’d like to be with your loved ones. Lots of strength and all the best.”

“Sending all my healing vibes and prayers to @ShaneMacGowan hope he gets well soon and gets to go home again to his lovely wife @Victoriamary,” 

“I send him my best wishes for a quick recovery! I hope Shane gets better soon and can go home soon.”

McGowan, 64, has had a rough few years, he recently shared his battle with addiction which he notes has been a contributing factor in his ill health.

Since falling in 2015 and breaking his pelvis, The Pogues frontman is now confined to a wheelchair and has confirmed he “can’t walk anymore” and requires help getting in and out of bed.