Thousands in Hungary protest against anti-LGBTQI+ legislation

Hungary’s right-wing Fidesz government has drafted legislation banning mediums promoting LGBTQI+content to minors.

Hungary’s proposed law outlines those under 18 will be banned from seeing pornographic content, or any LGBTQ+ media that encourages gender change or homosexuality.

Disgustingly, the proposal is included in a Government bill that punishes pedophilia.

Photo of protester
Image via France 24

Currently, The Hungarian and Polish government are both under formal EU investigation for alleged breaches of European Union rule-of-law standards.

Neither country recognises gay marriage, and both have laws restricting gay adoption. Hungary’s constitution states that marriage is for heterosexual couples.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has been widely criticised in the EU for diminishing the rights of migrants and other minorities and tolerating anti-Semitism.

Orban is the leader of the right-wing Fidesz government, which has been in power since 2010.

Last year, the Fidesz government condemned a Hungarian children’s book, Wonderland Is For Everyone, which recasts fairy tale characters in roles representing minorities, notably LGBTQI+ people.

The Fidesz labelled it “homosexual propaganda”, and called for it to be banned from schools.