Splice upgrade packs a new drum machine, synth, and enhanced DAW integration

Splice has just launched a major upgrade. New plans, new synths, tutorials and tighter integration between its features and your DAW.

Well-known as the go-to place for thousands of royalty-free samples, Splice has now added to the list of reasons why you might want to drop your Netflix subscription and sign up to them instead.

A synth, a drum machine, a plugin to instantly add samples, and a new educational page are recent additions to help with your productions. Let’s dive into the new features.


Astra is the new synth from Splice with two oscillators, a sub-oscillator and a noise generator. Each oscillator is able to be independently controlled with FM (frequency modulation), granular, wavetable and sampler modes which all feeds into a multimode filter. There are two envelopes and two LFOs (Low-Frequency Oscillators) which are then fed into three effect engines for chorus, reverb, compression, plus many more.

Astra also has a powerful sequencer with four lanes available to program notes, and macros and modulation to control it.

The new drum machine Beatmaker has been made to be utilized with the Splice sample library with a 4-by-2 pad grid mode and a sequencer as the two methods for making beats. It’s an ideal drum machine for performing samples with a MIDI controller with pads as it allows you to load up eight different sounds from presets, Splice’s catalogue or your own samples, with each sound being tweakable without affecting any others.

Both of these new offerings come with thousands of presets created by producers, sound designers and artists.

For those wanting to upskill, Splice has announced a new educational element to their site where weekly lessons are added on topics like creating unique drum kits, mixing, mastering, songwriting and production basics, and basic synthesis among just a few to mention.

You can download projects for DAWS like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Studio One, and the lessons are for levels of all ages regardless of knowledge level. You can also try the Splice skills for free on their site.

Head over to the Splice website for all the details.