hunter 505 delivers sweet, smooth trap-rap fire on colourblind

Aussie new school hip-hop artist hunter 505 has been releasing tracks filled with sweet tones and melodies.

His latest track, colourblind is no different, taking his sound to new heights, delivering a tune reminiscent of hip-hop legends like Drake, Post Malone and Juice WRLD.

With all his tracks being written, performed, mixed and mastered by himself, hunter 505 boasts a diverse ability as a musician. The result is a modern sound which encompasses a fusion of emotional melodies and enthralling energy.

What makes colourblind stand out from other hip-hop pop tracks of this year is the deeply brooding and introspective lyricism, displaying song writing skills that are on par with his ability to produce a unique pop-fusion sound.

The Sydney artist clearly enjoys blurring genres which many artists often fear to do. Combining notions of rap, trap and pop with a Samba inspired drum beat, colourblind displays a sense of experimentation and curiosity. The free form melody and hook creates a track that makes it close to impossible to stand still.

With more than 300,000 streams under his belt, colourblind is set to launch hunter 505 into the next stage of his career. It is obvious that the young artist is taking on a fresh perspective of hip-hop within the Australian music scene and setting himself up for what could soon be world wide recognition.

With a packed release schedule and a host of collaborations on the horizon, colourblind is the first installation in hunter 505’s re-brand as an internationally accessible Australian rap representative, demonstrating just how far the budding artist has come and just how far he will go in the months and years to come.

Check out colourblind below: