NY rapper, Eddy$tacks is solidifying his talent with new clip and single

Eddy$tacks has backed it up after a brilliant debut album with a new single and clip for Never Trip. 

The chorus is catchy, the beat is knocking and the flow is smooth as butter, Eddy$tacks is on the up!

Eddy$tacksRising rap king Eddy$tacks is well and truly making a name for himself. After a banging debut album, Eddy is rolling out pure gold in his new single.

Hailing from Rhode Island, Eddy$tacks grew up being influenced by legendary NY lyricist, Jay-Z and iconic artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and Nipsey Hussle. As Eddy$tacks continues to use his undeniable talent his performance credits include venues in NYC , Atlanta and Rhode Island.

A young artist with a passion to redefine what it means to be a rapper and expand his presence as an independent artist , Eddy$tacks is already making noteworthy strides towards stardom as the CEO of his own brand, Stack Team Entertainment.

His latest instalment, Never Trip, is a lovelorn journey through a stung heart. Eddy is looking to the future, moving on from good love gone bad. It’s an intelligent, thoughtful reflection on how we tend to focus on the bad things in a relationship and neglect all the positive foundations that it was built on.

We often forget how good something is until it’s gone. But no matter how bad things get Eddy’s reminding us to keep our cool and let things be.

‘Wanna cut ties girl I’ll provide the scissors,’ perfectly encapsulates this, as well as Eddy$tacks talent for creative, poetic imagery.

The flow and lyricism in Never Trip is both witty and intelligent. Eddy weaves an interesting story that unfolds new layers in every line. The track never becomes encumbered with unnecessary layers, or verse. It’s just the beat, the melody and the lyrics.

Eddy$tacks is quickly rising to prominence in the NY hip-hop scene and we suggest you jump on this boat early. Great things to come from this young MC.

Check out Never Trip below: