PREMIERE: Headphones Jones’ music video for Gym Junkie is an 80s-inspired revenge romp

Melbourne-based funk collective Headphones Jones have released the new music video for their single Gym Junkie; a song inspired by the gym junkies of the world who tend to put muscle before their significant other/s.

The 80’s inspired video is a fusion between scenes of revengeful horror and classic workout videos, with revealing leotards and bold fluorescent colours.

Headphones Jones’ new music video for Gym Junkie is a fun yet cautionary tale of how-not-to blow off your partner for the gym.

The film was shot at a factory in Williamstown and makes reference to 80s horror films such as The Toxic Avenger and The Evil Dead.

With smooth and jazzy vocals, bongos aplenty, a hard-hitting brass section and infectious melody lines, the instrumentation and execution of Gym Junkie is nothing short of musical brilliance.

The Melbourne groovers really immersed themselves in the making of the video, featuring as supporting acts, as well as sourcing materials and props from the 80s era such as an ’89 Honda Prelude and real Australian WorkSafe posters.

If you like soulful fusion bands like Saskwatch, The Cactus Channel and Cat Empire, you’re sure to fall in love with Headphones Jones.

With only one EP under their belts, these are still early days for this Melbourne band, but judging by the quality of everything we’ve seen and heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great material.

For now, do yourself a favour and check out the new video above.