Watch West Thebarton perform Tops Live at Enmore Audio

Not long ago Adelaide rock outfit, West Thebarton swung by Enmore Audio to perform their latest single Tops.

We’re sure you’ll love the power in this stripped-back dynamo.

West Thebarton

Watch Adelaide rock band West Thebarton’s heart wrenching and hard-hitting performance of their latest single Tops live at Enmore Audio.

With a gut-wrenching and hearty tune, the band nailed the bass groove and intertwining guitar melodies underneath Ray Dalfsen’s commanding vocals. With lyrics “I feel tops, actually I’m shattered/Pull me back together”, the emotions of the song are profoundly communicated.

The band shared:

“This song is about those times in your life when you know you should feel so fucking good about yourself, but all you can focus on is negative.”

Be sure to check the video out below:

West Thebarton are supporting Dune Rats on their Crowd Smurfing tour, so catch them below:

The Croxton Bandroom in Melbourne on September 12

The Metro in Sydney September 13.