Aussie plumber discovers a huntsman spider in his headphones after feeling a “tickle”

A Perth plumber discovered a furry new friend after feeling a huntsman spider tickling his ear in some noise-cancelling headphones.

Spider stories are never a rare occurrence in Australia. With new species discovered all over the country every other day, it’s likely we’ve all had some close encounters – especially with the common huntsman. Australia even has its own Spider identification app that determines if your new mate is likely to kill you.

No spider experiences have sent shudders down so many people’s backs this week than plumber Olly Hurst’s, who took off his earmuffs when he felt something – you’re going to want to prepare yourself, arachnophobes – tickling his ear.

Huntsman spider found in headphones
Photo credit: Olly Hurst

Perth plumber Olly Hurst took off his earmuffs when he felt a little tickle, soon finding a huntsman spider hiding inside, obviously there to encourage old mate to work harder.

He tried to shake his new apprentice out of his smoko spot, but even after five Beroccas and his phone being confiscated, it was clear the hairy bastard wasn’t coming back to work. Check out the video yourself below.

One ABC Perth Facebook fan shared his hot take:
“legend has it..that the plumber was bitten by the spider… and is now accepting bookings for overhead ceiling, high rise and sky scraping pipe work, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.”