There seems to be an unlimited amount of musical success being produced from the wondrous lands of Perth, WA. HYLA are on that success list (note: the list is not in any order of talent).

These strapping young men all have something in common. Yes, they’re all unkempt, dirty and sexy. They’re also heaps talented so maybe we can just focus on that. Like many other awesome creative collaborations, these guys are not only sweet bandmates but sweet buddies. Alex Board,
 Robert Daniel,
 Michael Stephens, Francis Antonas
 and Ethan Darnell have been circulating the independent music scene and touring with other Perthonian bands for over ten years.

hyla bandThere’s gotta be something in the water in Perth. Here’s another talent for you to eat up: 90s inspired, fuzz drone killers and chillers HYLA.

With their relatively long-term industry experience, the boys have fine tuned their sound pumped out an EP this year. Like wise old owls, they have strategically named it HYLA. The band have received international recognition for their latest EP and it comes to no surprise, its absolutely explosive. The tracks wind back to the 90’s but spin the era’s traditional sound on its head. All together, they create noise that is inspired, but remains accessible and contemporary for all the post 1990’s babies out there.

The songs are fat and grungy, yet beautifully canvased with layers of guitar, bass, drums and vocals all dancing together as one. Imagine multitudes of crowds coming together, enjoying and vibing off the hypnotism that HYLA creates. These guys have created an anthem in their style of music, keeping the essence of that timeless value that good music can bring.

There is a grand band plan to release another EP this year, and yet another at the beginning of 2015.  In the meantime these boys are gigging all through the city of Perth. You can keep updated with all their movements on their Facebook.



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