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Canadian indie rock definitely appears to be enjoying it’s well deserved time in the limelight right now. Take the example of Vancouver based The Mohawk Lodge, fronted by Ryder Havdale. Steadily verging on the likes of Neil Young and The Black Keys, there is a vibe to his sound that for some reason conjures up a School of Rock style battle of the bands.

Instead of No Vacancy, (please tell me you remember that band) Mohawk Lodge delivers a pleasant and refreshing new sound. With the use of the classic tone of a Gibson SG, a fierce, beard-enhanced voice and delicate back-up vocals, you can expect to catch your hand placed over your heart in appreciation.

mohawk lodge producerCanadian band The Mohawk Lodge bring to mind the battle of the bands scene from School of Rock. Who are you rooting for? Jack Black? NO!

Judging by the wisdom that appears to be contained in Havdales’ hairy chin, he’s has had plenty of experience on road and has seen the walls of many different venues across Europe, Canada, The US and Australia. In 2010, Havdale embarked on two European tours, performing on his third album Crimes. In 2011, with these tours under his belt, Havdale took a break to allow time to record the tracks for his latest album Damaged Goods. Recorded in Havdales’ apartment in Toronto, the were written whilst on tour in Europe.

Not willing to stop there, 2012 saw the man embark on a large-scale tour that spanned over a year and included 100 shows in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. With this insane amount of time now buried in the past, The Mohawk Lodge has begun writing for his fifth album. Bloody hell.

With four albums of guitar-induced goodness, Havdale has mentioned that he has future ambitions to write electronic music with an emphasis on a “no guitars” rule. True to his word, Havdale has just begun playing with Ableton, mixing with synthesizers, MIDI and programmed drums. Despite breaking his “no guitars” rule (no judgement here, it happens to the best of us), we’ll still be waiting patiently to check-in with the next installment of The Mohawk Lodge.



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April 17, 2014

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