PREMIERE: Iain T McKelvey’s new single Peaches And Cream is a chaotic slice of bluesy folk

It was in June last year, with the release of his debut EP King Camden’s Station, that we were first introduced to the earthy, introspective folk sounds of Sydney singer-songwriter Iain T McKelvey. Since then, he’s developed his music into something larger and more dynamic.

Today, McKelvey has unveiled his new single Peaches And Cream – the first taste of an upcoming EP – and despite the track’s calming title, this is his most chaotic track to date. If you’re not already across this artist, it’s definitely time you changed that.

Photo: Wade Keighran

Sydney singer-songwriter Iain T McKelvey has unveiled Peaches And Cream; the chaotic first single from his upcoming EP.

Throughout the new track, McKelvey weaves together elements of folk, alt-rock, blues, pop and country to deliver a sound uniquely his own. With layers of crunching guitars and flailing vocal hooks, Peaches And Cream grows more raucous the longer it runs.

It’s a song that has been bouncing around in various forms for several years before finally taking shape,” McKelvey says of the track. Evoking images of days past, Peaches And Cream is a Western murder ballad, following a lover seeking vengeance on the man who stole his love.

As the track’s instrumentation grows more and more reckless, you’ll find yourself increasingly immersed in McKelvey’s endearing storytelling.

These are still relatively early days for this Sydney artist, but judging by everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality tunes from Iain T McKelvey. Here’s hoping that new EP isn’t too far off.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Peaches And Cream above.