iann dior drops two-song project ‘Still Here’ featuring Trippie Redd

iann dior is bringing Christmas early with his Still Here package, containing two new tracks and a feature from Trippie Redd.

Only a while back, iann dior was releasing tracks weekly for his mates. Through the strength of these recordings, word of mouth rocketed the artist’s fan base to astronomical heights. These days, the Puerto Rican-born, Texas-raised rapper collabs with the likes of 24KGolden and Machine Gun Kelly, and is no stranger to the billboard charts.

This time, dior is back with two tracks; shot in the dark feat. Trippie Redd and don’t wanna believe.

iann dior

First track shots in the dark adheres to a foolproof method; a tasty electric guitar lick, 808s, and an auto-tuned hook. From the get-go, this ticks all the boxes to be a massive hit and considering dior’s track record, it will be.

“Bricks weighing down on my heart, got me on edge”, sings the artist passionately on the hook.

The lyric video pictures dior and Trippie in spaceships, surrounded by striking multicoloured visuals, adding to the emotional intensity of the track.

Trippie’s feature goes above and beyond expectations, as he blatantly belts out his reaction to heartbreak: “you used to say you’re in love, but you’re not, and that’s okay”. Talk about a poignant entry.

As the sparkly synths and dior hooks trail off, you’ll be craving some repeat listens.

The secondary track on the Still Here project is intriguingly titled don’t wanna believe. Despite clocking in at under two minutes, it features some of dior’s most compelling songwriting chops.

Over a wavy, melancholy electric guitar and trap beat, dior falls on the sword for a past lover:“you can blame it on me”. Switching between rapid-fire delivery and melodic croons, dior has crafted an earworm with depth that wrestles with complex emotional situations while still sounding boppy. Take note.


Still Here is out now via 10K Projects / Virgin Music Australia. Stream or purchase your copy here.