‘dancing in the kitchen’ from Zachary Knowles soundtracks those perfect, lazy days

Zachary Knowles will have you in your funky socks dancing in the kitchen with his newest groovy slice of indie R&B.

If you’re not around Zachary Knowles yet, best prepare for glossy hooks to be in your ears for weeks. In a similar vein to Clairo, Knowles crafts effortless-sounding songs, and his latest offering is no exception.

The Texan indie artist’s newest track dancing in the kitchen is remarkably on-trend, boasting upbeat rhythms, tongue-in-cheek lyricism, and summery vocals at every turn. If you enjoy the self-aware charm of Rex Orange County, then this single is definitely for you.

Zachary Knowles dancing in the kitchen

You ever had a weekday off and done fuck all? Maybe you slept in till midday, or did a puzzle, or drank a warm beverage on the porch? dancing in the kitchen captures this easygoing feeling and runs with it from start to finish.

“I wanna twirl you ’round the kitchen, don’t worry bout no dirty dishes”, Knowles begins, vividly setting up the stay-at-home scene to the sound of an acoustic. The guitar then gives way to a tight snare and an unfettered bassline, locking the listener into the groove.

The joyous instrumentation in the verse recalls the sonic warmth of Post Malone’s Circles for reference.

“Usually, my songs have sad undertones, so I felt like it was time to write one that was just happy and felt good all the through”, Knowles comments on the single. As he cooks up some bacon and dances around his house in a baggy sweater, it’s clear he’s succeeded.

Speaking of successes, one of the most rewarding elements of the track is Knowles’ honey-glazed backing vocals and harmonies, sweetening an already gorgeous melody.

The intentional auto-tune on the vocals keeps them crispy, ensuring the feel-good vibes are as clean as possible. “I think it’s fine, stuck inside”, Knowes’ sings, bookending the track as he plays Connect Four. With such an infectiously positive outlook, it’s hard to disagree.


dancing in the kitchen is out now via FADER Label / Virgin Music Australia. Stream or purchase the single here.